• Case Study: Alley Theatre (2013)

    By: Lauren Wainwright, MFA '14

    Founded in 1947, the Alley Theatre was the flagship theatre in Houston, Texas, and was one of the few regional theaters in the country that maintained a resident acting company (RAC) by 2013. Though philosophical significance of the RAC within the Alley was supported by the leadership and the board, ambiguity existed about how strong the Alley’s commitment to the RAC really was.

    This case provides readers a landscape view of benefits and challenges associated with operating a regional theater with a resident acting company. It closely examines the impacts of maintaining a resident acting company, from both artistic and operating perspectives, and represents points of view of the artists, audience, administrators, and the community. It also poses the question of how organizations can preserve their core values and stay true to their missions during organizational change.

    Alley Theatre (2013) [CASE STUDY]

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