• Case Study: Ice Theatre of New York (2008)

    By: Frances Black, MFA '09

    On the far west side of midtown Manhattan, looking out across the Hudson with a view of New Jersey, is a large sports complex called Chelsea Piers. The office of Ice Theatre of New York (ITNY) is located at Pier 59, across the parking lot from the Golf Center. ITNY is the only arts organization in the complex, using the Sky Rink hockey facility for rehearsals and for its annual gala performance. As founding artistic director Moira North unlaces her skates in the locker room and walks along the pier to the office, she reflects on where the company has been and where it is going.  In the coming year, ITNY will celebrate its 25th anniversary and North says she wants to slow down and eventually retire from full-time work.

    In light of North’s movement towards retirement, ITNY now faces a structural reorganization if it is to continue its evolution from one woman’s passion project to an independent theatre institution.  With consideration of its history, purpose, and future plans, ITNY must answer the tough questions of how, when and with whom to replace its founder.

    This case poses questions about organizational strategy, using an arts organization that may feel unusual to many theater and arts administration professionals.  It provides a unique opportunity theater managers to discuss strategy issues for the performing arts outside of the usual arts arena.

    Ice Theatre of New York (2008) [CASE STUDY]


    This video includes performance footage as well as a LifeSkate.com piece covering the Ice Theatre’s 2008 Gala.

    Access video content by clicking on the link below:

    Ice Theatre of New York (2008) [VIDEO LINK]


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