• Case Study: Idaho Shakespeare Festival (2007)

    By: Katharine Perdue, MFA '09

    Charles Fee was thinking about the extent to which the 2007 season was stretching the Idaho Shakespeare Festival’s company and staff. Some of them had the feeling that the Festival might implode. ISF was producing shows to near capacity at its outdoor site, whose finishing touches had been completed only recently. However, the prospect of weather-related performance cancellations burdened audiences with uncertainty. And just as the Festival was paying off its construction costs, the community began to discuss whether or not the Festival should consider an indoor facility to produce shows in Boise during the winter months. The administrative staff, though loyal, was experiencing burnout. Staff people performed several jobs at once in modest rented office facilities, and turnover had been high for the last several years. Ever since ISF had entered a producing partnership with Great Lakes Theater Festival in Cleveland, some staff members in Boise felt that its Artistic Director “had a second wife.”  Key members of the acting company, some of whom had been with the Festival for 15 years, were considering leaving. Charlie Fee could feel the strain.

    This case provides an opportunity to discuss multi-organization arrangements, ensemble management, and staff and artist burnout.


    Idaho Shakespeare Festival (2007) [CASE STUDY]



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