• Case Study: Ping Chong & Company (2008)

    By: Jennifer Lagundino, MFA '13

    In early 2008, approaching his fourth decade as a working artist, Ping Chong began cutting back on his workload to ease into eventual retirement. Ping is the founder and artistic director of Ping Chong & Company, a nonprofit theater company based in New York City known for experimental, daring, and socially conscious work.  Ping founded the company to support his artistic endeavors and generated and directed the bulk of the company’s artistic work, which included two distinct branches of programming.

    Ping found it increasingly difficult to lead a company that relied on him alone for artistic ideas and project creation. “It’s a wonderful family,” Ping said. “We have a great team now. But if it’s dependent only on me it may be a little difficult just because I don’t have the stamina or the resources I had before.”

    This case study provides background for a discussion of succession issues and founder syndrome in small companies.

    Ping Chong and Company (2008) [CASE STUDY]


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