• Case Study: Center Stage (2013)

    By: Emika Abe, MFA/MBA '16

    To facilitate the realization of Artistic Director Kwei-Armah’s vision, leaders of Baltimore’s Center Stage developed a strategic plan, which included a call for a $30 million capital campaign. However, a recently completed feasibility study projected that the theater would fall about $10 million short of the full campaign goal. The theater’s leaders had to determine how to prioritize the various initiatives in the strategic plan in order to achieve their vision for Center Stage’s future.

    This case gives the readers an opportunity to analyze challenges faced by an organization when implementing a strategic plan that includes interrelated initiatives. It asks the reader to consider the ramifications that pursuing, rejecting, modifying, or postponing each element may have on the overall organizational strategy.

    Center Stage (2013) [CASE STUDY]


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