• Case Study: East West Players (2016)

    By: Alfred Heartley, MFA '18

    This case study focuses on East West Players’ recent transition in leadership. At the time of the transition, East West Players was spearheading an ambitious, field-wide project called the 51% Preparedness Plan under Tim Dang, the outgoing artistic director. According to the Plan, by the year 2020, 51% of a theater organization’s staff, board, and artists would be people of color, women, or under the age of 35. At the time of Dang’s planned departure, East West Players faced financial deficits that would hinder the organization’s growth and direction, and that would require the board and the new leadership to re-articulate the company’s priorities—which might not position the 51% Preparedness Plan at the top.
    East West Players (2016) [Case Study]
    East West Players (2016) [Video]

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    Added on: May 17, 2017