• Case Study: Network of Ensemble Theaters (2009)

    By: Martha Jurczak, MFA '11

    The concept of shared management resources has not been adopted widely, particularly amongst small theaters.  Network of Ensemble Theaters National Coordinator Mark Valdez believes the time and circumstances might be right for a group of member theaters located in New Orleans to consider the idea. The continuing focus on rebuilding the city after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina is a receptive environment for new ideas that promise to bring effective results in the effort to solve very difficult problems.  The Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET), a national coalition of ensembles based in Los Angeles, was formed to keep ensemble practice in the forefront of American theater.  The four companies participating in exploring this idea are Junebug Productions, ArtSpot Productions, Mondo Bizarro, and The NOLA Project.  All of the participants know that cooperation among independent organizations is generally difficult, and that the discussions eventually could raise feelings of potential loss of independence and control.  But they think the potential advantages – and the severity of New Orleans’s reconstruction needs – are too important to overlook.

    Network of Ensemble Theatres, 2009 [CASE STUDY]
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