• Case Study: Roundabout Theatre Company (2012)

    By: Sarah Williams, MFA '15

    In 2013, Roundabout Theatre Company launched a major institutional branding campaign to position itself as the leading nonprofit theater company in New York City. Roundabout’s Branding Task Force worked with three consulting firms that spent a year and a half researching, analyzing, and designing a new brand for the organization. It’s About You was the result of a comprehensive rebranding process. Now that the new brand platform was selected, the Task Force would have to only wait to see if It’s About You would revitalize the institution’s identity, and lead it to become a stronger, more financially stable organization.

    This case shows how an organization’s identity can become unclear over time and how that can result in a misalignment between mission and identity. It also provides detailed steps of an institutional rebranding process, allowing the reader to examine the decisions the leadership made during the process and analyze the impacts of the rebranding effort.

    Roundabout Theatre Company (20120 [CASE STUDY]

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