• Case Study: Seattle Repertory Theatre (May 2015)

    By: Jason Najjoum, MFA/MBA '18

    This case study addresses the financial difficulties faced by the managing director and acting artistic director ten months into their leadership of Seattle Repertory Theatre, following the Great Recession, frequent artistic leadership transitions, and changing audience and philanthropic trends. One cost savings measure the new leadership inherited was a previous decision to close Seattle Rep’s offices and theater on Mondays in exchange for cutting salaries of most full-time employees by up to 20%. Due to an austere financial culture, and an unfortunate string of staff deaths, departures, and layoffs, staff morale was low. The leadership wanted to reopen the theater’s offices on Mondays, without a concomitant pay raise, driven by the notion that doing so would improve productivity, but faced resistance from the staff.

    Seattle Repertory Theatre (May 2015) [Case Study]
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