• Case Study: Signature Theatre Company (2011)

    By: Eric Gershman, MFA/MBA '15

    In 2011, Signature Theatre Company was preparing to open its Signature Center, a three-theater arts complex that would be able to accommodate the expanded programming that was dedicated to honoring playwrights at all stages of their careers. In addition to the capital campaign and annual fund, Signature was also seeking a new partner for their Signature Ticket Initiative. James Houghton, Signature’s Artistic Director, envisioned the Initiative, a subsidized ticket program that provided low ticket prices to create more access to diverse audiences, to continue to grow as Signature grew. Finding the funding for these three ongoing development campaigns provide a challenge for the organization. The Signature Center increased the company’s seating capacity exponentially and would be the first theater company in 40 years to open a theater arts center in the City of New York.

    This case provides the opportunity to examine the implications of a major capital project on an organization.

    Signature Theatre Company (2011) [CASE STUDY]


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