• Case Study: Oregon Shakespeare Festival (2007)

    By: Devon Smith, MFA/MBA '10

    This case study looks at the changing role of technology in arts organizations, posing questions about how organizations should adapt to the way audiences interact with technology and, as a result, the way they interact with organizations using the technology.

    Bruce Wand, Director of Information Technology and Services at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival had been called for an impromptu meeting with the Festival’s Executive Director Paul Nicholson and Artistic Director Bill Rauch, to discuss the future role of technology at the Festival.  It was no small question, and Wand had been adeptly handling these types of discussions for the past quarter of a century that he’d been with the Festival.  The Festival’s primary constraint, unlike at most theatres, is not money—the Information Technology and Services Department had shown that when it could demonstrate real value to the organization, the money would be found.  Instead, the Festival’s main constraints were time and space.  Given the competing needs and desires of each of the key departments within the Festival, what should the strategic priorities of the ITS Department be in order to ensure the continued success of the Festival?

    Technology at Oregon Shakespeare Festival (2007)
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