• Case Study: Alliance Theatre (2007)

    By: Michael Barker, MFA/MBA '10.

    In 2006, the Alliance Theatre was in great shape artistically, but the difficulties associated with rapid growth and prosperity had begun to wear on the theatre’s administration. The Alliance had grown tremendously over its 39-year existence to become one of the largest nonprofit theatres in the United States. With that growth came the attendant complexities of communicating effectively with audiences, donors, corporate sponsors, foundations and other constituencies. These difficulties manifested themselves particularly in interdepartmental friction between the Alliance’s marketing and development departments. A year prior, Managing Director Tom Pechar and the leadership of the Alliance’s board of trustees conceived of reorganizing the theatre’s marketing and development divisions into one, streamlined department. The planned reorganization promised a solution to many of the problems that plagued marketing and development interdepartmentally and externally. Despite the benefits of the reorganization, resignations started to trickle in, particularly from former development-only staff. The attrition could not be completely attributed to the reorganization; some former staff were explicit that it was not their main reason for leaving. But others let Virginia and Tom know that they could not work within the new department.

    The Alliance Theatre: Leading Through Change (2007) [CASE STUDY]


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