• Case Study: Victory Gardens Theatre (2011) (2013)

    By: Libby Peterson, MFA '16


    This case study is broken into two parts. Case A examines the huge leadership shift that the theater faces when the founding artistic director decides to retire. He handpicks his associate artistic director to succeed him, but the board does a nation-wide search and comes up with an additional finalist. Case B begins when the “outsider” choice for artistic director is chosen, effectively shaking up the organization. Challenges with the new artistic director intensify when he replaces the longstanding Playwrights Ensemble. Financial deficits, board and staff turnover, and major artistic programming decisions become central issues to the new leader.

    Case A:

    Victory Gardens Case A (2011) [CASE STUDY]

    Case B:

    Victory Gardens Case B (2013) [CASE STUDY]

    These videos, one for Case A and one for Case B, include interview footage of key board members.

    Access video content by clicking on the link below:

     Victory Gardens A (2011) & B (2013) Case Video Link

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