• Case Study: Oregon Shakespeare Festival (2007)

    By: Rachel Smith, MFA '08

    It was a time of transition for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, one of the nation’s largest and oldest resident company theater organizations, with the introduction of a new Artistic Director. Bill Rauch wanted to lead the company in producing more new work, and more diverse work in addition to Shakespeare. Mallory Pierce, Director of Marketing and Communications, knew that within this time of transition lay an opportunity for the company to reflect on its unique personality in the American theater. Engaging in a rebranding process at this time could give the festival a chance to strengthen how it communicated what was already felt by all that participated in its activities while introducing the distinct leadership changes that Rauch brought to the table. Pierce wondered what the branding process would reveal about the organization, exactly what their journey would look like along the way, and if the end product would communicate the organization as a whole and not just Rauch’s leadership.

    Oregon Shakespeare Branding (2007) [CASE STUDY]


    This video includes interview footage of previous Artistic Director Libby Appel, Executive Director Paul Nicholson, Artistic Director Bill Rauch.

    Access video content by clicking on the link below:

    OSF re-branding (2007-8) [VIDEO LINK]



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