• Case Study: Tectonic Theater Project (Fall 2016)

    By: Ruoran (Kathy) Li, MFA '18

    This case study focuses on Tectonic Theater Project’s efforts to institutionalize. Tectonic Theater Project was an award-winning NYC-based theater company founded in 1991 out of Moisés Kaufman’s desire to build a laboratory for developing theatrical works, and from the beginning, Kaufman had been the sole artistic voice of the company. In 2008, Kaufman decided that the company should institutionalize, and in the same year, the position of Executive Director was established. Seven years later, beyond a scale up and staff and board, the company’s third executive director, Lauren Wainwright, observed that scant administrative infrastructure had been built. As the next strategic planning process launches, the company has to decide if and how it should establish an identity independent from and beyond Kaufman’s leadership.


    Tectonic Theater Project (Fall 2016) [CASE STUDY]


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