• Case Study: Perseverance Theatre (2008)

    By: Frances Black, MFA '09

    For nearly thirty years, Perseverance Theatre has prospered by focusing on being by, for, and about its community. Remarkably, this focus has attracted generous national support from foundations and the NEA. Without a doubt, Perseverance is Alaska’s flagship professional theater. But as Artistic Director PJ Paparelli and Managing Director Jeff Herrmann look forward, they contemplate the tension between the ambition of making an “epic theater for an epic place” and the community’s limited capacity to support that theater. Herrmann believes they have come to a point in time where all of the current revenue streams are fully tapped.

    What scale of operation can Perseverance Theatre sustain in the future? How satisfied are the stakeholders likely to be if the pace of development that has rewarded their efforts in the past cannot be sustained?

    Perseverance (2008) [CASE STUDY]


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