• Tool: Strategic Planning (2010)

    By: Greg Kandel, Management Consultants for the Arts

    When it comes to successfully predicting the future, some might question the value of actually trying to do so. The future can be forecast with neither surety nor precision. Yet those who make little or no attempt to chart their future will find themselves in the unenviable position of merely reacting to the ongoing, often fast-paced, and sometimes brutal changes in the competitive environment. A difficult environment may discourage some from engaging in strategic planning – after all, why plan when so much can change so quickly? Yet it is precisely during turbulent times that a clear, firmly grounded sense of direction is most valuable. Strategic planning is a particularly important issue for the nation’s cultural community. The very nature of many cultural organizations’ work requires that major artistic and programmatic decisions are often made two or three years in advance, and donors and government agencies frequently require long-range or strategic plans as a condition of funding. Like other not-for profits, motivation of volunteers and professionals is driven by a shared and passionate belief in a cause. A good plan lays out a path toward a desired future and can fuel that necessary motivation. 

    MCA Strategic Planning [TOOL]
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    Added on: January 1, 2010