• Interview: David Hawkanson (2013)

    By: Edward A. Martenson, Chair of Theater Management at Yale School of Drama

    David Hawkanson is the Executive Director at Steppenwolf. He previously served in similar positions at the Guthrie Theater, Hartford Stage Company, and Arizona Theatre Company. In this interview conducted at Yale School of Drama in 2013, he discusses his career path, the culture at Steppenwolf, and the future of the field. Hawkanson also shares his thoughts on maintaining accessible pricing to remain a “diverse institution to a community.”

    This interview provides the opportunity to hear from one of the senior managers in our field about how he has shaped his career. It also offers the opportunity to better understand the culture at Steppenwolf and what challenges managing an ensemble-based company can provide a manager. Hawkanson’s views on dynamic pricing provide an alternative perspective to the increasingly popular practice in the field.

    David Hawkanson (2013) [INTERVIEW]



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