• Interview: Matthew Wiener (2006)

    By: Edward A. Martenson, Chair of Theater Management at Yale School of Drama

    Matthew Wiener is Producing Artistic Director of Actors Theatre of Phoenix, which he has led for the last eleven of the company’s twenty-one years. It performs a six-play season at the Herberger Theater Center in downtown Phoenix, and aims to “present passionate, thought-provoking theatre designed to add to the social dialogue of the community.” Actors Theatre is the leading alternative to the much larger Arizona Theatre Company. This conversation followed an earlier discussion of the Rand Corporation’s 2001 study for the Pew Charitable Trusts, which said mid-size arts organizations were experiencing much greater difficulties than larger and smaller ones and would continue to do so. We wanted to explore what that experience looks and feels like in a comparatively successful mid-size organization, and Wiener was extremely generous with his candor. This interview touches on the challenges of fundraising, in-house support, founders’ intentions, and organizational development.

    Leading Actors Theatre of Phoenix [INTERVIEW]
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