• Paper: Leadership: The Key to the Future

    By: Greg Kandel, Management Consultants for the Arts

    Are leaders born or made? It’s an age-old question, but one that is exceedingly pertinent to today’s cultural community. The answer, at the risk of sounding too clever, is yes: some leaders are born and some are made. We’ve all seen born leaders – those firebrands who spring fully formed onto the scene, inspiring the devotion of staff and patrons alike, whose every step is absolutely, magically right. We’ve also seen leaders who are made, often, self-made; they start out as ordinary mortals in love with their particular disciplines and develop into courageous, inspiring leaders by virtue of hard work and close attention to what they are doing. It is this latter group and those who aspire to it that we have in mind as we write this essay. We believe that, yes, leaders can be made; whether they come to work in shirt sleeves, three-piece suits or leotards, executives can become better and more effective at their jobs by consciously cultivating the qualities of outstanding leadership.

    This paper discusses some of the characteristics of effective leaders as observed by Management Consultants for the Arts.

    Leadership: The Key to the Future


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