• Paper: Author! Author?

    By: Joan Channick, MFA '89. Chair of Theater Management at the Yale School of Drama

    Legal issues regarding the authorship of theatrical works have received considerable attention. Discussions of these issues seem to be difficult.  This paper offers some clarification about the legal issues, acknowledgement of the emotional issues these legal questions provoke, and suggestions for ways through that will avoid most legal problems. Both the federal copyright statute and the case law change continually, with the statute subject to amendment by Congress, new cases arising all the time, lower courts sometimes taking conflicting approaches as they wrestle with issues until higher courts establish unequivocal precedents, and the outcome of any particular case always subject to reversal through the appeals process. It can take a long time to reach a consistent understanding of a new legal question. Three major issues, (1) copyrightability of stage direction, (2) joint authorship and (3) works made for hire, are sometimes blurred together, although they are distinct matters.

    Author! Author? (2006) [PAPER]


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